feature artist: heists

Did heists write a skull smashing epic to rival nickelback?

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger..."

We sat down with vocalists Chris Zagas to really dive deep into this new single Red Herring here is what he had to say.

Extra Press: Tell us what inspired the title “Red Herring”?

Tell us what inspired the title “Red Herring”?

Someone used it in a line of a movie and it sounded sick so I was like yeah mad it beats the working title we had. “Fuck Heists”

Oh wow, we would appreciate it if you didn’t swear during this interview.


Sorry, it’s just this is an All Ages platform.

All good continue.

Are you pissed off now?


Extrapress: Tell us what inspired this song?

What were some of the highlights in the recording process?

Thoughts on the two new singles released by Vin Diesel on Spotify?


These cunts force me to go to their shows.
Brodie Graham
Honest Crooks/Underminer
Took these guys on tour and it was a punish listening to them every night.
Emptied our rider and stole our door spots. Fuck the boys
Karl Spiessl
Ocean Sleeper
Who the fuck is Heists?
Jayden Ridley
To be honest I would rather stay in lockdown for the next year than listen to this fucking band.
Jordan McQuitty
Heists joined us on our Liar tour. Which is ironic because I've never had to pretend to be friends with any band more than on that tour. This new track actually hurts my soul.
Luke Harris
She Cries Wolf
They need to stay in their lane and do their generic hardcore riffs. It's like they just learned what a chord was last week.
Yanni Tzatziki
Life's Ill
Insert roast review
Lachlan Monty
Band Name
Insert roast review
Josh Collard
Band Name
Insert roast review
Bobak Rafiee
Justice For The Damned